Our Story

9 years ago we started to get excited about the idea of combining new and existing technology to grow food that tasted better, lasted longer and reduced the environmental impact of getting food on the shelves. 
What if we could grow the world’s best salad?

We’re vertical farmers. We use no pesticides, and 95% less water than the conventional way of getting bagged ready-to-eat salads into your fridge. Our salad stays fresher for longer because we’re growing in perfect conditions, shortening the supply chain, and we don’t have to put the leaves through an industrial washing machine.

But after running our urban farm in London, Unit 84, we realised that perfect growing conditions are expensive. Great for restaurants, not for the supermarket shelf. And we wanted to find a way of getting our chef-quality leaves to more people, not just those who could afford to eat in fancy restaurants.

So we drove down costs. We cultivated our farming expertise. We made our tech more efficient as we built 3 farms. We had a lightbulb moment on how we use renewable energy to lower the carbon footprint and
cost of powering an indoor farm.

From the little gem of an idea 9 years ago, we’re now investing more than £100m to build our 4th farm, in Sandwich in Kent. The investment has been led by Generate Capital, a US Public Benefit Corporation that invests in sustainable agricultural infrastructure and shares our commitment to transforming the systems that we need to build a world where we can live within the limits of our planet.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our future is more farms, more crops, and better tech.

If you’re a rocket scientist, a foodie, or just want to be part of a better-tasting, more sustainable future for UK fresh produce,
we’d love to hear from you.

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